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We are doing everything possible to prepare a good championship, which will be interesting for all of you with its unique style and try to bring the RBR Italian Championship as close to reality as possible. We will be happy if you have any suggestions or comments to improve it, please send them by e-mail to borgaccino@admin

Because in our championship, no entry fee is paid and everyone who takes part in the competition does so in their own time. Thanks to the RBR Italian Championship, we have prepared prizes for the winners of some championships. Your support will help us obtain these prizes, such as virtual cups and game gifts. So if anyone is interested in helping us out, please contact us by e-mail and we will definitely find a solution.

By registering, each driver accepts the rules and confirms his or her fade!

Registration for the RBR-IC licence is done here: Registration. All fields of the entry form must be completed!
Each driver may only be entered once. If it is discovered that someone has more than one profile, the driver will be disqualified and will never be allowed to participate in any race of the RBR Italian Championship.

Championship, Cups and details:

For the calendar and schedule, visit the RBR Italian Championship website in the Calendar section.

Each race will be part of one of the championship (exception for free races, which will not be part of any championship and therefore will not run for any points,possibly for some rewards.) Each driver may participate in any race, but only one at the same week. If driver will register to two races which are held at same time,he will be deleted from both of them.Only if he would apply for termination from registration before the start through the e-mail.

Driver will register on RBR Czech website, but they must be registered to RBR Italian Championship, have confirmed the licence and purchased or rented car for this race. Driver who fails to comply with one or more rules will be deleted from the start list for this race.

Establishment race – start of registration (plugin website): roughly one week before the start
End of registration – (plugin website): 6 hours before start (Wednesday 18.00 CET)
Start of the race (plugin website): Thursday 0:00 CET
Race finish (plugin website): following week, on Tuesday 23:59 CET

Each registered driver has the right to protest:
Against penalization – had received – driver write on borgaccino@admin email, to subject is required to write a protest against the penalization. Text mail is: your name, SS number, description of the situation, can you add a replay of the SS on the web plugin. However, it must do so within 24 hours of the end of the race, protest is free of charge.

Each driver has the right to request a reset of the race, who did not complete:

Accident on SS – Reset is REJECTED (approval only in exceptional cases, which is wrongly DNF at the finish SS. Driver in this case upload the onboard from this stage on the plugin adn indicates this fact in the request.

Has not entered the SS, didn’t arrive to TC – Reset is APPROVAL (Driver sends a request to reset on the plugin)