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Registration is done on the website RBR.ONLINERACING.CZ in the section – registration.
Each driver can be registered once.

If we find out that someone has more than one profile, the driver will be disqualified and will never be able to take part in any RBR Italian Championship races.

Championship and Cups any driver can participate in any championship.

For the calendar and schedule, visit the SCL website in the CALENDAR section.

Championship, Cups and Details:

Trophies and Monomark Cups

We are ready to start a new adventure with the daddy of all plugins (Czech). In October, November and December 2022, 3 rallies will be created, one per month, finding yourself participating with Trophies and Single-brand Cups where the difference is the value of the drivers, the damage will be set to realistic, the setups will be the factory ones (setup by Workerbee) and participation will be free after registering for the events via RBR.ONLINERACING.CZ

We would also like to remind you that the overall winners of each rally will be given a game with a Steam activation key (ASSETTO CORSA COMPETIZIONE + 2 DLC, AUTOMOBILISTA, ASSETTO CORSA + 3 MONTHS IRACING)

Stay tuned….