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Why do I get the error “Cannot load adshow.mfx” when I start the Launcher?

Download the guide and read carefully !!!

Why am I getting “save failed” when I try to save my profile in the game?
This protection is activated only when you start the game from the PrioRBR by SCL executable, protecting it from loss of command memory.
So if you want to save or change your settings, remove the read-only check from the “SavedGames” folder and start the game from RichardBurnsRally_SSE.exe.
After saving everything, you can safely start the game from the Launcher.
Why does the Launcher size exceed my monitor resolution?
The Launcher has a fixed size of 1600×998 and cannot be changed.
If you have done text / application scaling in the Windows display configuration, reset the resolution to 100%.

Windows 10 Display Scaling

Why do I see a blank page inside the Launcher?
The cause is the lack or slow speed of your connection.
Other cause can be given by the maintenance of the owner of the Website, rallysimfans.hu for the Hungarian plugin and rbr.onlineracing.cz for the Czech plugin.
What should I do after I have installed a Co-Driver?
You need to change the Co-Driver language, use the Options/Notes menu in the Game to change it (you will have to select the appropriate flag).
If you don’t find your flag in the game, open misc.rbz \ Misc \ Ing_demo.dll archive, remove “_demo” and rename to Ing.dll (save).
How do I change the video resolution?
Open RichardBurnsRally.ini file inside the main folder of RBR and set your video resolution.
For example: XRes = 1920 YRes = 1080 and save.
Where do I activate and change the advanced video settings?
Go to \Plugins folder and open the FixUp.ini file, set your changes and save.
Note! In case you don’t see FixUp.ini in \Plugins yet, that’s because you have to run the game first.
How do you use the Mod Night V3 RBRGal?
Once you are inside a night section, it is activated in the following way.
Page Up – You turn on the lights (each time you hit Page Up you will increase the intensity of the lights up to 6 points) or (FN+Page Up)
Page Down – You turn off the lights (each time you hit Page Down you will dim the lights until they are turned off completely) or (FN+Page Down)
With the numeric keypad you can also adjust the height of the headlights.
Numeric keyboard: 7 – you will raise the height of the lights. or (FN+7) 4 – you will lower the height of the lights. or (FN+4)