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Special thanks to: David Sampson confirming the accuracy of our calculations to have a perfect FOV!

Download Mega: FOV Calculator v4.0C.apk

Download Mega: RBR FOV CALCULATOR v4.0b

Download Mega: RBR FOV CALCULATOR v3.0

Download Mega: RBR FOV CALCULATOR v2.0

Forget forever about all other online FOV calculators that provide totally incorrect results!

Why Use An FOV Calculator?

FOV doesn’t just deal with the sense of speed.

Using the correct field of view in a sim racing game will allow objects in the distance to approach your screen at the correct speed to replicate real life.
If you have an incorrect field of view all objects when looking through your car’s windscreen will appear either closer or further away than they actually are.
This will make you feel like you are driving slower or faster than you actually are.

It is best to set the correct realistic field of view to replicate your real life vision.
This way you wont need to adjust to the incorrect field of view.
Instead you will be able to drive as accurately as real life.